NapkInsights are napkins that educate, entertain and boost engagement with your customers or employees or both.

Unlike the traditional, boring napkins, NapkInsights catch the attention of your customers immediately.

On a dinner table, these may serve as icebreakers or simply spark conversations that will make the waiting time seem shorter.

Because the napkins are distributed in random order, curiosity to know what the other napkins have to say will spark more conversations. If you want a psychology-based explanation for why this happens, please see Zeigarnik Effect.

Every napkin will have a space for company branding and a call-to-action – could be

  • A phone number where they can listen to a recorded message (eg: deal of the week
  • The URL where they can learn more about a program, offer or a loyalty app they can download to get some discount
  • An email address to sign up for a list
    And more..

These Napkins are best described as fortune cookies before the meal.

What Benefits can you expect?

Here are a few key benefits:

1. Better Engagement

In this fast-moving world where everyone has very limited attention-span for almost anything, additional ounce of your customer mindshare is worth its weight in gold. NapkInsights comes to the rescue by wrapping your brand messages with “transportable”, creative messages. NapkInsights messages act almost like a “trojan horse” to carry your brand messages.

2. Increased Social Reach

The messages and designs on the napkins will be compelling enough that people will voluntarily share them on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram..We can also bring some gasification (eg: contests) to prompt users to share more.

3. Increased Brand Recall

NapkInsights clearly falls under the concept I term as adjacent social objects. By repeatedly exposing your customers to a brand message wrapped in something very creative, we can increase the brand recall.

Like any marketing program, the ROI will be based on how well we use a marketing asset – in this case NapkInsights.

Why Paper Napkins?

Short answer: Why not?

There has been very little innovation on paper napkins, especially in the area of customer engagement. The space is ripe for disruption. Paper Napkins are also assets that are grossly under-utilized as almost touch every single customer via a paper napkin almost every single day.

Here are five specific reasons why NapkInsights will resonate with people:


The visual and the numbering, visual and the message on a napkin is a pattern-interrupt as the experience is unexpected.

Out-of-context Message

The messages are NOT related to branding or advertisements related to a product or a service. These are like “fortune cookies” at an unlikely place.


The messages are simple and can be consumed in a few seconds.


While a message on the napkin is simple to consume, there is the takeaway factor is high. The goal is to make the reader pause, reflect and think.

Ripple Effect

The size of the napkins is such that one can easily take a photo via their smartphone and share it on social channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

(In no particular order)

Q | How long will it take for the NapkInsights napkins to be delivered?

A | Approximately 90 days from the approval date

Q | Will this reduce the consumption of napkins?

A | Hmm..No. In fact, if all goes well, this should increase the consumption of napkins – which is exactly what should happen.


Because every napkin is carrying your brand message wrapped inside a creative artifact.

Q | How do we justify the incremental cost we are paying?

A | First, we agree that every NapkInsights box will cost slightly more than what a typical box of plain napkins would have costed. Let’s assume that the incremental cost was X$. If we deployed X$ to work in any other marketing channel and compare the difference in returns ( Please see Benefits section ) for the two, we will see that the NapkInsights will win hands down.

IF we want to go down to pure numbers, the incremental cost to solidly engage with a customer via NapkInsights comes to about 3 cents..

Q | Why do the napkin designs have only two colors?

A | To save on printing costs

Q | Why do we need these messages on the napkins? Why not print our logo and the call to action on each napkin?

A | The messages are what is bringing the educate, entertain and engage angle. Without these messages, the napkin will turn into an inform or worse yet interrupt mode.

Nobody will share the image of a napkin on social media if all the napkin has is an advertisement in some form or fashion.

The message on the napkin acts as a trojan horse to carry YOUR message.

Q | How many designs are available?

A | Each series has 100 unique designs. The first series available is the Yellow series. The Red, Blue and Green series are in the works.

Q | What is the size of the napkin?

12.5cm x 12.5cm folded
25cm x 25cm open

Q | Why NapkInsights might fail?

A | Here we go:

#1. A lot of napkins will go waste

Argument | Paper Napkins may be used by all sorts of people so there is a good chance that a lot of Napkins will go waste

NapkInsights Team | Yes, this is true. The utilization rate that is planned is around 70%. However, the reach from the social graph via social sharing of these NapkInsights will more than compensate for the loss of utilization

#2. The ROI is not proven

Argument | For realizing true ROI, the offline messages have to convert to online clicks and then take action

NapkInsights Team | Yes, this is also true. However, the primary goal with NapkInsights will be to raise awareness about an initiative – it’s a top of the funnel strategy. You still need to do everything you can to drive conversions as you would with any marketing campaign.

#3. The same messages may become boring

Argument | There are 100 designs and very soon people might be exposed to the same messages.

NapkInsights Team | This is partially true. If the alternate was a branding message or advertisement, we are talking about 100 unique messages as compared to one brand message. PLUS, we have more NapkInsights series planned in the coming months.

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