For any reasonably large size company, NapkInsights provides a double win:

1. Nudge your employees to spark meaningful conversations and to shape their thinking

2. Boost awareness and raise funds for a non-profit you support

The mechanics are simple:

1, Equip your cafeteria, meeting and waiting rooms with NapkInsights including a message to raise awareness of a non-profit to your favorite non-profit organization

2. Your employees, customers, partners and visitors get “interrupted with inspiration” in a fun and engaging way while learning about the non-profit that you are supporting.

3. The NapkInsights come in a pack of 100 with randomized numbering, creating curiosity to learn more

4. You can also get people to take one or more NapkInsights packs home – it will get talked about because it serves as an adjacent social object.

This is one quick, easy and fun way to show that  you care for your employees AND you care for the world around you,


Please contact us to schedule a conversation on how to bring the power of NapkInsights to your company.

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